Buy Bamboo Sunglasses

Our Ted and Lemon bamboo sunglasses range includes eco friendly, stylish and cool bamboo sunnies you’ll love wearing this year. Our bamboo sunglasses are unisex and standard in size for a comfortable fit everyone will love. Each pair features light weight frames for a comfortable fit to protect your eyes under the Australian sun. You’ll love the colour options we have available, each neutral and organic colour will match your style as a versatile accessory you won’t want to miss out on.

Eco Footprint

Each pair of bamboo sunglasses includes a stamped ‘Ted and Lemon’ bamboo tube case and lens cloth to keep your sunnies in perfect shape.

Keep your eco footprint low by grabbing a pair of our bamboo sunnies today. Each pair is made from natural bamboo with no plastics or harsh chemicals to keep your face safe and protected while in style.

Five Colours Available

  • Blonde colour aka ‘Penelope’: Blondes have more fun and it’s true for bamboo sunnies too. Get these bamboo sunglasses for the most stylish and fun summer yet!
  • Black colour aka ‘Teddy’: Classic coloured and versatile for any outside use whether you’re play or watching sports or at the beach. Black always matched everything and it’s true for bamboo sunglasses too!
  • Brown colour aka ‘Jack’: Brown is an essential colour in everyone’s wardrobe. Grab these bamboo sunnies made from brown bamboo with solid dark tinted lenses for the most comfortable pair of sunnies you’ve had yet!
  • Brown colour aka ‘Bailey’: Lightweight brown is a smaller make for anyone who finds regular sunnnies are usually too big. We’ve made the Bailey pair with special attention to detail in the frame to ensure the smaller cut frame is still just as comfy as the original.
  • Light Brown colour aka ‘Roger’: Lightweight brown bamboo sunnies have unique grains in each pair for an exclusive style you’ll want to show off all summer long (and year round too)!

If you have been looking to buy bamboo sunglasses for a while, you need to check out our exclusive range.

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