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Bangin' Blue Shoelaces

Our blue shoe laces have distinct features to make our shoe laces the perfect match with your favourite shoes – whether it’s casual, business or formal attire footwear. Spice up your look and buy blue shoe laces for a pop of colour sure to impress for any wardrobe attire from work conferences, weddings or celebrations. 

Ted and Lemon has four main blue shoe lace shades to choose from: 

  • Ocean Blue – Ted and Lemon’s Ocean Blue shoe lace is a striking powder blue colour that will leave you thinking of spring time ocean waves. You’ll love wearing this shade to make any blue day better and to add a pop of colour against any neutral or brown coloured shoe for an attractive style. 
  • Blue Fairy Floss – Ted and Lemon’s Blue Fairy Floss shoe laces are the blue from the dreams of our favourite candy – Fairy Floss. You’ll love pairing brown or grey shoes with this deep blue shoe lace for a casual look that pairs well with your best weekend denim. 
  • Teal Macaroon – Ted and Lemon’s Teal Macaroon shoe lace is a bright teal shoe lace that screams summer. Add this shoe lace for a pop of colour you’ll love wearing for any style outing. For a perfect match, pair our Teal Macaroon shoe lace with brown and neutral toned shoes for a look sure to impress and brighten up your look. 

Ted and Lemon’s blue shoe laces have distinct features to make them a favourite wear in your footwear rotation. Each shoe lace is made from 100% waxed cotton for an easy fit and style to pair with any material shoe from leather to suede. Additionally, each blue shoe lace is 75cm in length and is 3mm in thickness for an eye-catching accessory that will pop in a range of shoes. For the best match, choose a shoe with 2-4 eyelets and check to make sure the eyelets are at least 3mm wide for an easy fit. 

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