Buy Orange Shoe Laces

Buy Orange Shoe Laces Online

Ted and Lemon is happy to share that we have the trendy Tangelo orange shoe laces available for any orange lovers or someone looking for more colour in their step!

Our Tangelo shoe lace is available in the classic 75cm length for a perfect fit in your favourite dress shoes or casual dress shoes to compliment any outfit. Our shoe laces are made form 100% waxed cotton to provide a smooth fit in the eyelets of your fav shoes.

Are the tangelo orange shoe laces the right choice for you? Of course they are!

The shoes you want to pair this energetic coloured shoe lace with should have between 2-4 eyelets for a perfect fit and style. Also, Make sure to measure the eyelets of your shoes, they should be under 3mm for a good fitting with this shoe lace.

If for some reason the eyelets in your fav shoes are too big or there’s too many eyelets – looks like you have the perfect excuse to go shopping! We recommend pairing the tangelo shoe lace with any shade of grey, brown or deep purple, including suede or leather for a chic matching style. To see how the grey could match the orange shoe lace, make sure to check out the page for our tangelo shoe lace for some style inspo.

Our Australian designed shoe laces are carefully fabricated to give you the best quality and style in every colour shoe lace – even the unique ones. Tangelo was inspired by the citrus fruit tangelo, a fruit hybrid of tangerine and pomelo. This fruit grows in California, Arizona and Florida, which makes these shoe laces a must-have for any tropical get-away or for a summertime outing closer to home.

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