Buy Pink Shoe Laces

Poppin' Pink Shoelaces

Pink shoe laces will give you an extra step in your walk and a style that will be sure to impress. Pink is a trendy accessory colour for either men or women, especially for shoe laces and will be the highlight of your favourite footwear. 

Which colour pink shoe lace?

Wear both of Ted and Lemon’s pink shades of shoe laces in any season for a pop of colour you’ll love wearing. 

Ted and Lemon has two shades of pink shoe laces to choose from: 

  • Bubble Gum Pink Shoe Laces – Ted and Lemon’s Bubble Gum shoe lace is in a soft pink colour for a bright and cheerful shade of pink to add to a variety of coloured shoes and wardrobe styles.  Pair this shoe lace with any shade of brown or neutral coloured shoe for a pop of colour to your favourite outfit. 
  • Soft Plum Shoe Laces – Ted and Lemon’s Soft Plum shoe lace is in a hot pink colour for an eccentric addition to any shoe. This vivid and lively pink is a striking pop of colour that will match any shade of brown, black or coloured shoes including red or grey. 

Australian Designed and ready to thread up right now

Each shade is made from 100% waxed cotton and is available in 75cm length. Ted and Lemon’s pink shoe laces are well suited for 2-4 eyelets for a comfortable match with your favourite footwear. Each shoe laces is 3mm in thickness for a secure and comfy fit with any casual or dress shoe. 

Pink shoe laces are a must-have accessory for any casual or formal style. Whether it’s a weekend style, celebrating Valentine’s Day or adding a pop of colour to your formal attire – you’ll love having Ted and Lemon pink shoe laces in your shoe lace collection. 

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