Hospitality Shoe Laces

Set The Style in Hospitality Fashion

Hospitality workers excel in customer service, making people smile and have an all around clean and friendly look – whether they wear a uniform or not. Why not keep the same style, clean and fresh look from head to your feet, by wearing Ted and Lemon made shoe laces.

Which colour is your flavour?

Our shoe laces come in a range of colours from strict business attire, to a range of colours to suit any dress code and a rainbow of colour choices for relaxed workplaces where you can express your sense of style. Take a look at our coloured shoe laces to match your personality.

  • Business Attire: Enhance your personal style or uniform by wearing Ted and Lemon metal tip shoe laces. Our metal tipped shoe laces add an extra flare of a formal ascetic to your outfit and make a great impression for a professional style appropriate for any workplace. 
  • Strict Uniforms: For more formal of occasions, wear our metal tipped collection for shoelaces. For other occasions, Ted and Lemon has a range of business and neutral coloured shoe laces in traditional colours to match any dress code. 
  • Colour Co-ordination: If the restaurant you work at has specific team colours to wear, the hospital or health care work place has specific colour needs, or your retail or customer service position requires your shoe laces to match your shoes – Ted and Lemon has you covered no matter the circumstances. With a vast range in neutrals and basics including black, white and brown, to more colourful options such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink – Ted and Lemon shoe laces are the perfect choice to easily get the perfect colour to work with your workplace dress code. 
  • Rainbow of Options: whether you’re a lively person who loves wearing colours, you want to brighten up your favourite shoes with your favourite colour, or you’re trying to be festive during the holidays – Ted and Lemon has you covered. From pink and red for Valentines Day, to greens for St. Patrick’s day, orange for Halloween, and reds and greens for Christmas, Ted and Lemon has every colour of the rainbow so you’re style is festive for any celebration. 

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