How to look after your beard

Natural Beard Care Products

Ted and Lemon is proud to carry Milkman Grooming and Styling beard care products. We offer an array of beard care products from grooming and maintenance, to styling your perfect beard.

Ted and Lemon’s beard care and grooming range includes Milkman products which are Australian made, sustainable with products in 100% recycled glass and use natural ingredients to keep your beard looking and smelling fresh. Even better, all of Milkman’s beard grooming products are not tested on animals.

Preparation and Grooming

Ted and Lemon offers to beard care kits: the advanced and essential kits. For anyone new to growing a beard or that wants to try out a few products, the essential range is perfect for you. For beard pro’s or for anyone needing some TLC on their beard, we recommend the advanced range for more beard care products you’ll be sure to love. 

Advanced Beard Care and Grooming Kit:

  • King of Wood 2 in 1 Beard Shampoo and Conditioner
  • King of Wood Beard Oil
  • Mini Styler Pocket Comb
  • Boar Bristle Beard Brush
  • Milkman Beard Balm Beard Candy
  • Milkman Beard Scissors
  • Bag options are matte black or navy blue

Essential Beard Care and Grooming Kit:

  • King of Wood 2 in 1 Beard Shampoo and Conditioner
    King of Wood Beard Oil
    Mini Styler Pocket Comb

Beard Shave Oil:

Ted and Lemon offers Australian made Shave Oil by ‘Razor Rail by Milkman Grooming’. This large 50ml bottle has the perfect oil to help minimise razor burn and irritation when shaving. Have a perfect shave with our shave oil that is suitable for both electric and regular shaving. You’ll love the masculine scent of wood and mint together for a fantastic scent.

Style and Maintain

Men’s Beard Balm:

Ted and Lemon offers beard candy beard balm to keep your beard in place if you have unruly facial hair or need some extra help during humid weather. Our beard grooming beard candy is a beard balm that contains waxes and botanical oils to help shape and smooth your beard while providing an attractive scent. When using this beard grooming product, make sure to coat the hair for a softer beard and to protect your hair follicles for a fresh beard you’ll love smelling from the woody scents of sandalwood and cedarwood essential oils.

Beard Oil:

Ted and Lemon is happy to offer King of Wood by Milkman Grooming and Beard Care Products including a heady combination of wood scents in our beard oil. This oil comes in a large 50 ml bottle with an eyedropper for easy application so you never loose a drop!

This Milkman’s beard oil can help transform your beard from an itchy and rough beard to a soft and masculine smelling beard with hints of cedar, sandalwood, spice and bay laurel.

Beard Comb:

You’ll love brushing your beard in this Milkman Grooming comb. The handy size of this comb mean it can fit in any travel size bag for toiletries or even in your pocket!

This Milkman comb has wide teeth for maximum grooming and will glide through your beard hair without ripping or pulling on your beard hair. Pair this comb with our Milkman beard oil for ultimate results and to evenly distribute the oil for a soft, groomed and styled beard that will be sure to impress.

Beard Care + Grooming Products

You’ll love having Ted and Lemon’s range of Milkman’s beard care and beard grooming products to keep your beard in its best shape yet. Keep your beard tidy and smelling great with our beard care products and keep your beard styled and groomed with our beard grooming products to have the finest beard around.

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