Shoe Lace Wholesale

Ted and Lemon offers a shoe lace wholesale options for suppliers and distributors to become a free wholesale member at Ted and Lemon for our shoe laces. Our shoe lace wholesale option is available for all of our Australian designed shoe laces shown on our website. Find the styles that suit your needs and order in bulk to save your business time and money, while making your valued customers happy.

To take advantage of Ted and Lemon’s wholesale shoe laces, businesses can buy any shoelace style or make directly from Ted and Lemon. This type of sourcing is an exclusive offer and is a special offer on Ted and Lemon shoe laces only.

Benefits & Perks

  • You can choose from any Ted and Lemon shoe lace from our website to order in wholesale. This is a great opportunity to buy in bulk some of your favourite styles to sell.
  • Ted and Lemon shoe laces are available in a variety of colours and lengths including 75cm, 120cm and 180cm.
  • All of our Australian designed shoe laces are waxed in cotton for an easy wear and for a finished look.
  • Our shoe laces are versatile in style and can be paired with shoes, boots and other footwear.
  • Becoming a wholesale buyer with Ted and Lemon is a free option we offer to our customers.
  • Buying wholesale shoe laces creates an easier stock management system for your business and ensures your business is in stock of customer favourites.

Buying wholesale shoe laces

Buying wholesale shoe laces with Ted and Lemon is a simple process that we’d love to help your business begin. Buying wholesale laces from us is a free service we offer to our customers of business.

We do require minimum order requirements for wholesale buyers. Please enquire to a Ted and Lemon representative to learn more and to get started in buying wholesale shoe laces today.

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