Shoe Laces with Metal Aglet Tips

Be a Trend Setter

Metal tipped shoe laces are a must-have accessory to display ultimate style and sophistication from your head to your shoes! Ted and Lemon’s metal tipped shoe laces are perfect for formal workplaces and black tie events to create the flawless look. 

Ted and Lemon’s metal tipped shoe laces are available in three distinct colours including onyx black, premium brown and dark cocoa. Pair any of our metal tipped shoe laces with your best shoes for a range of style looks for work events including special meetings or conferences, to more formal occasions including black tie events such as weddings and celebrations. 

Ted and Lemon has three colour choices for metal tipped shoe laces including: Black Onyx, Premium Brown and Dark Cocoa

  • Black Shoe Laces - Onyx: pair this colour shoe lace with your favourite classic black shoe. Black shoes are iconic for formal occasions, and a staple for work functions and other celebrations. Black shoes with Ted and Lemon metal tipped shoe laces will have all eyes on your shoes for the must-have style for every occasions. 
  • Chocolate Brown Shoe Laces: brown shoe laces are a chic option to have in your wardrobe to match navy, grey or neutral coloured suits, or to pair with your favourite jeans. Our premium brown laces are ideal to pair with chocolate brown to lighter neutral coloured shoes for a style perfect for summertime to the winter months. 
  • Dark Brown Shoe Laces - Dark Cocoa: wear these shoe laces with any shade of brown shoe in leather or suede for a style you won’t be able to resist. You’ll love having our dark cocoa shoe laces as an fun accessory in your wardrobe and for an easy to transition from work wear to the weekend. 

All three colours have the same cut and style for a cohesive look to mix and match with your wardrobe and shoe collection. 

Each shoe lace is 100% waxed cotton and in 75mm length for a versatile style. Each shoe lace has a premium metal aglet with the Ted and Lemon logo. For a perfect style with your shoes, look for 2-4 eyelets for the shoe laces to fit and move together with ease. If your dress shoes have metal eyelets, ensure they’re 3mm or larger for the metal tips in the shoe laces to fit. You can check this by using earphones jack or by measuring with a ruler. 

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