The Ultimate Dress Shoe Laces

Ted and Lemon Dress Shoe Laces are here to impress and make you (and your feet) feel and look your best at every occasion.

Our shoe laces are made with 100% waxed cotton and are Australian designed for fashion forward detailing and colours you won’t want to miss out on. Our business shoe lace range is available in 75cm length shoe laces for a comfortable and classic style shoe lace style.

Dress it up

Dress up in your best outfit whether it’s a suit or your fav jeans and collard shirt – and don’t forget your dress shoes. Dress up your dress shoes in a fun or timeless coloured dress shoe lace. Our range of colors mean there’s something (or multiple) colours for everyone to love wearing. From black onyx to ocean blue and chocolate, we promise you’ll find a style and colour that works for every outfit in our business shoe lace range.

Dress Business Styles

For business styles, to match your suit we recommend staying in neutral colours and black for the sharpest style. Try colours like Black Onyx (which is a hot pick right now), chocolate, coffee and dark chocolate for a sleek style to match any colour business shoe.

If your workplace is more flexible in wardrobe choices, try going a bit more colourful and wear ocean blue, violet, silver leaf, rhubarb or lemon yellow for a splash of colour sure to impress.

Dress Business Styles

Ted and Lemon is proud to sell classic and colourful business shoe laces to make our business wear stand out from the crowd. Your shoe laces are just as important as other accessories including watches, wallets, a belt or shoes. And what’s a shoe without proper laces anyways?

Pick out your favourite business shoe laces to make your feet stand out so you’re always one step forward then everyone else. Whether it’s at work, a business event, networking or going out with your friends or on a date – we have your back (and feet!).

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