Wear It Purple Day & QLD Police Service

Ted and Lemon is proud to have supplied the QLD Police Service with our purple shoe laces and purple boot laces to commemorate Wear It Purple day in 2018. We are honoured to support a cause that is close to the Ted and Lemon team and to help support the LGBTI community by supplying Queensland police officers with their something purple.

The team at Ted and Lemon are dedicated to supplying purple shoe laces for Wear It Purple day and we encourage people in the community to support such a worthy cause. Wear It Purple day support a number of people and a many issues facing the LGBTI community including supporting LGBTI youth and assisting in the prevention of suicide. By supplying QLD Police Service with their something purple, our Ted and Lemon shoe laces, for Wear It Purple day - this is a huge step forward to give the LGBTI community the visual support of their community and from the police force across the state.

By QLD Police Service wearing our Ted and Lemon shoe laces, they're supporting more than just our local business, they're also demonstrating their support for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) youth by wearing their boots with purple laces from our brand. Wear It Purple day has a simple but strong message, be proud of the person you are, your sexuality and of your gender identity. By supporting this cause, you're not only supporting the entire LGBTI community to feel comfortable expressing who they are as individuals, but you're also helping local youth feel confident in who they are as a person and supporting the prevention of suicide in the LGBTI community.

Ted and Lemon supports everyone for being proud of who they are. By supplying these purple shoe laces for Wear It Purple day, we're hoping to start a trend for more organisations and businesses in Queensland to wear purple to show their support to the LGBTI community. As a local company, we're ecstatic to be able to be involved.

Here at Ted and Lemon we're working on some very special rainbow shoe laces for upcoming events including Mardi Gras. Stay tuned!

Watch our video of the purple boot laces in action.

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