Which colour shoes to wear with a suit

Suits can be tricky to get right at the best of times and even more so when it comes to matching a fetching pair of shoes with your suit. Both suits and shoes come in many different colours and even the best of us can get it wrong. The following suit information will help you out and act as a point of reference the next time you’re needing to wear a suit and match a pair of shoes.

Navy Suits

Navy blue suits are best paired with black, brown and red or burgundy shoes. A navy coloured suit can be comfortably paired with these colours, especially in men’s leather shoes. If you have more exotic coloured shoes, a navy suit generally works better than a black or charcoal one. Navy suits are versatile and your shoes should match the occasion. Black shoes are best for business dress while brown are best suited for more relaxed events. The same goes for burgundy or red shoes.

Grey Suits

Grey suits are suits are best paired with brown, black and once again red or burgundy shoes. Depending on the darkness of your grey suit, the pair of shoes you wear might differ. If your suit is a lighter grey, the event is generally less formal and you can pair this suit with just about any colour leather shoe. A good rule of thumb to use as a guide is that the black shoes go well with light greys and brown go best with darker shades.

Brown Suits

Brown suits are suits are best paired brown, red or even burgundy shoes. Pairing a brown suit with a pair of black shoes often won’t work – unless you are deliberately trying to defy convention of course, then we say go for it. Brown suits require a visible contrast between the brown fabric of your suit and the colour of your shoes. Trying to match them exactly but not quite getting it right won’t work. Brown with brown works best when there is a clear contrast.

At the end of the day, let your mirror be your best judge. If you like what you see and you are comfortable in it, go with it. Which colour shoes do you prefer to wear with your suit?

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