About Ted and Lemon

Get to know a little more about us and our products. Ted and Lemon has been years in the making from 2014. Our brand is simple, bold and eclectic. We love bright colours and contrasting prints and our style shoe laces reflect this. For balance, our men’s and women’s accessories come in neutral tones, made with cottons, bamboos and woods are the perfect pairing for the style conscious, down to earth person who enjoys simple touches and good quality. Our shoe laces come in a range of colours to suit many shoes. Our premium laces with metal tips dazzle when used in business or dress shoes, as do our dress boot shoe laces. Keep your eye out for our limited edition and seasonal shoe lace colours. Grab a pair of socks to match or bamboo sunglasses in a range of classic to retro styles, a super stylish tea infuser or water bottle and much more. Originating in Melbourne, Ted and Lemon was born around the idea of having fun and earthy accessible style accessories without the extraordinary price. Our shoe laces, men’s and women’s clothing and accessories are made to complement an already existing wardrobe and can easily be matched with many styles. Join us on our journey via our website, Instagram and Facebook and if you ever have any questions, please reach out to us #tedandlemon 

About our shoe laces

Our shoe laces are created for simple style in mind

When it comes to shoe laces, we love them! All of our shoe laces have been tried and tested with many style shoes and lace styles. Our first limited run of shoe laces were a great success. In 2017 we created a collection of over 25 colours and styles of 100% waxed cotton shoe laces to suit a wide range of shoes and styles. Keep an eye out on our website for further regular shoe lace drops, exclusive sales and limited edition runs. We have teamed up to sell some of our favourite beard care products from Milkman Grooming Australia to keep those beards looking and feeling as fresh as possible. From beard oils, beard candy through to beard conditioner, we have got a great selection for any bearded fella. If you like simple and functional style options, try our shoe laces, sunglasses, waterbottles and more from Ted and Lemon.

Our Team

Get to know us

It goes without saying we are avid animal lovers so fittingly the name ‘Ted and Lemon’ comes from our cat and dog. Teddy is a male cat that was found as a homeless little kitten, the smallest of the litter and living under some shrubs. After finding homes for his mum and siblings, we couldn’t part with our favourite little guy. The ‘Lemon’ refers to our lemon coloured beagle, Penelope. By accident Penelope came in to our lives and cemented herself as the leader of the pack and top dog around the office. Inspecting every shoe, shoe lace, accessory and packaging when it arrives, she is a security dog in the making – her sense of smell takes her many places where she shouldn’t and is very mischievous. Ted and Penelope are the very best friends, even though Ted is a good 9 years her senior and although they both pretend not to care for each other, they can often be found tucked away in a sunny spot, snuggling up.